Fortuitous stag

Sporting Rifle’s Nick Latus heads to the hills with wife in tow to kindle her interest in Scotland’s finest sporting pursuit and secures an opportune 10-pointer

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The .17 frenzy

With the runaway success of the .17 HMR, and the newly launched .17 Hornet hitting the shelves soon, Nick Latus looks at the lost .17 Mach 2 rimfire

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Super performer

Nick Latus finds he is more than impressed with the value for money semi-jacketed ammo he has on test from a long established Czech company

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Border raid

Nick Latus catches up with a spectacular trophy goat after a hair-raising trip through the Irish countryside at breakneck speeds crossing three county borders

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Double value

Sporting Rifle’s Nick Latus field tests a nifty little double from French rifle maker Chapuis Armes and is impressed with its performance in the field

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Czech mate

Nick Latus gets his hands on a popular rimfire from CZ and soon fills his boots on a rabbiting mercy mission for a local lady landowner

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Prvi Partizan PPU

Nick Latus tests a value-for-money round from Serbian manufacturer Prvi Partizan and is impressed with the results

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Straight and narrow

Nick Latus tests the straight-pull action of the Blaser R8 topped with a Zeiss scope, grassing a big buck and a fox with a swift double shot

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