What’s the best calibre for hunting?

There is a dizzying array of calibres available for the hunter to choose from – Will O’Meara helps cut through the confusion and make the right choice

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Stalking stories: How a dedicated vegetarian became a hunter

Chris Dalton relates a successful effort to get newcomers into deer stalking, with a client who started as a vegetarian now established as a stalker on her own ground

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How to stalk in the wrong wind

The first rule of stalking is “work the wind”. But the rules are not set in stone. Here’s how to achieve success if the wind isn’t with you

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Ask the experts: What sights are best for dangerous game?

I am due to be some hunting dangerous game. Should I go for the traditional appeal of open sights? Or would a more traditional optic suit me best?

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Who’s going to be hunting’s next public champion? It’s going to be you

The hunting fraternity needs a better public image, but it’s no good waiting for a saviour. The time for hunters and shooters to be a force for positive change is now

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Stalking with the Curse

Chris Dalton takes a Spanish stalker out after a roe buck, with one unusual problem – he has never managed to take one while accompanied by his girlfriend. Can they break the curse?

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The Alder Buck

Editor in Chief Pete Carr is bested time and time again by a wary old buck, and a valuable lesson was learned before finally grassing the elusive beast

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Take Five

Can’t wait for 1 April? There’s plenty to do even before the season starts. Dominic Griffith advises there are five tasks responsible deer managers should be getting on with now

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Ask the experts: What’s the best scope for the Highlands?

I’m planning on heading to the Highlands this year for some stalking on more open ground. Do I need a new scope?

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Talking Shop: Rifleman Firearms

Based in Somerset, Rifleman Firearms marks five years in business this year. We interview owner Mark Tutton about what’s next

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