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Lightening the load

Paul Harding experiments with some reduced recoil loads, and finds that big-bore rifles needn’t make you wince

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The test of time

Laurie Holland takes a look at the 7.62x54R, a military veteran still in use today The 7.62x54R is an increasingly popular cartridge in Historic Arms shooting. It’s a typical design late 19th century design: a full-power 30-calibre military number designed for magazine fed bolt-action

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Call to Commonwealth organisers

Commonwealth Games organisers have been asked to produce a business plan for next summer’s Games, which take place in Glasgow, with “real urgency”. Glasgow Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stewart Patrick said businesses wanted to plan around marketing, branding and business promotion events. Organisers have also

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British Shooting strategy

British Shooting is formulating a future facilities strategy with support from governing bodies such as the National Rifle Association. A key aspect of this work is to provide a comprehensive picture of current shooting facilities and to identify issues that will help form future investment priorities

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Shooters’ auction

Visitors to this year’s Midland Game Fair and Trafalgar Meeting will have the opportunity to turn unwanted shooting equipment into cash thanks to Shooter’s Auctions. Global Rifle says it will hold auctions offering the opportunity for you to buy or sell shooting

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High five for funding

Following the latest round of Inspired Facilities Funding applications, Sport England has agreed to invest over £200,000 to support facility development and improvement in five venues across England. Two of these, Tees Valley Target Sports Club and Farncombe and Godalming Rifle Club are dedicated shooting clubs,

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Corbett speaks out

Queen’s Prize 2013 winner James Corbett has spoken to Target Sports after his win. He said of his tactics: “I never think about the rewards. I’d rather concentrate on the doing part and let the other take care of itself. My pre-occupation is to shoot well, not finish

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Plastic wad ban

From 1 January 2014 plastic wadded shotgun ammunition will be prohibited from use at Bisley except on the NCSC complex. A specific exclusion for solid slug ammunition is in place. The NRA has clarified that the term ‘wadding’ also includes over wads, shot cups, base wads

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Mercer on the Imperial

NRA chief executive Andrew Mercer has described his first Imperial Meeting in charge of the NRA as “a wonderful testament to the inclusive nature” of target sports, citing the sheer range of competitions and entrants as a key attribute. He continued: “Some of the terminology is

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Korea on top at IPC World Cup

With more than half the medals on offer going to South Korea, the final results were a one-sided affair at the IPC World Cup in Bangkok on 13-19 August – but that’s not to say the performances weren’t worth watching. With 14

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