Seasonal success

Mike Powell’s masterclass on how to make the most of the various foxing methods available in late summer and autumn

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WATCH NOW: The Firearms Team film

BASC has released a new film that focuses on the work of its expert firearms team. BASC is the only UK shooting organisation with a full-time firearms advisory team, who receive more than 700 calls a month on average. Gary

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Foxing Calibres

Foxing is the fastest growing sector of the shooting sports, with the amount of kit available increasing on a near daily basis.

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Premier species

Sporting shot Mike Yardley advocates the pursuit of roe, looks at a few finer points of the sport, and reveals what works best for him when stalking

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Looking and seeing

‘Foxspert’ Robert Bucknell says that noticing foxes in cover is all about looking for what isn’t there rather than what is there, and that time taken to train the eye is time well spent

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