On test: Sig Sauer BDX scope

Stuart Wilson is impressed by the new Sig Sauer BDX’s ballistic calculation capabilities as he tests the scope at progressively longer ranges

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The calibre hunter

Should the 7mm 08 have beaten the .308 Win in the quest for global calibre dominance? Byron Pace investigates

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The calibre hunter

What does the future hold? Byron Pace looks into his crystal ball in an attempt to foresee the next stage in the evolution of cartridges for hunting in the UK

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Bullets and their ballistics

Byron Pace takes a close look at bullet weight, sectional density, construction, velocity and how those features impact ballistic performance To finish where we left off last time, we need to do a case study of sectional density to reinforce

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Weighty Issue: Byron Pace builds on his investigation into bullet construction

Leaving sectional density behind us, it is probably wise to add a brief discussion on the ballistic coefficient (BC) of a bullet for those who are not familiar with it. The ballistic coefficient in itself will have very little effect

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