Browning A-Bolt Review

My very first rifle was a little .22 Browning SA automatic, similar to the one used in fairgrounds in those far-off days. I must have put thousands of rounds through it, and it served me well for years.

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.17 Centrefires

Today most shooters will be familiar with the .17 calibre thanks to the raging success of the .17 HMR, but until the advent of the .17 Hornet, few would have even heard of a .17 centrefire, let alone fired one.

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Fastest rimfire in the US

With the current market already flooded with .17 calibres, Byron Pace takes a close look at the newest kid on the block

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Going big on hunting

While it’s not the biggest name in ammo, Geco is certainly a name to watch. Tim Pilbeam has the details

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Hornady’s Hornet

Ammunition manufacturer Hornady has necked down the .22 Hornet to .17 calibre, creating the .17 Hornet.

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