David Barrington Barnes

Sporting Rifle 168 is out now!

The latest edition of Sporting Rifle is now available. As spring turns to summer, Sporting Rifle magazine is there with all the tips, tricks and kit you need to make the most of the long days – no matter what

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The off-season with David Barrington Barnes

The off-season for fallow is short, but it provides plenty of opportunities for the stalker to get ahead of the game, says David Barrington Barnes. It’s only in May, June and July – the close season for fallow deer –

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Tipping the scales with David Barrington Barnes

David Barrington Barnes considers how the odds are stacked against firearms certificate holders on a number of issues, from mental health to domestic disputes. A couple of months ago, I promised to revisit this topic and I will start by

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Sporting Rifle 166 is on sale now!

April means only one thing in the sporting calendar: It’s the roebuck season, and as always we’re here to help you prepare for it, get the right kit and avoid the dreaded buck fever. First, we’re out with Paul Childerley

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First steps in the field

As the opening of the roebuck season draws close, David Barrington Barnes recalls his first ever stalks after the UK’s most beloved deer species. If ever I had any doubts about becoming a deer stalker, these were dispelled by my

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Mayday Roebucks

David Barrington Barnes reflects on why May is his month of choice for roebuck stalking Writing this article, as I do, well in advance of publication, I turn my thoughts to those low-ground stalkers whose appearance in the field is

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Mistakes and mishaps

David Barrington Barnes reflects on the blunders that can plague low-ground stalkers, and the lessons that can be learned from them

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The rain buck

Some roe do not live up to our common conception of them, as David Barrington Barnes found one wet evening during the buck season I think it’s fair to say that the consensus of opinion among expert roe stalkers is that

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Small deer, great pleasure

David Barrington Barnes rescues a blank outing with an opportunistic shot on a muntjac buck that provides a welcome reminder of the benefits of good practice I felt my way into the high seat at the back of Park Wood

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