deer management

Snow stalking

Editor-in-chief Pete Carr looks at the pros and cons of practising the doe cull in snowy conditions, and everything you must consider when heading out with the rifle

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The doe imperative

Editor-in-chief Pete Carr considers the selection and methods behind the doe cull and the importance of achieving the right ratio on one’s stalking ground

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Brian Lile offers a British perspective on the Hanoverian tracking hound

Some 25 years ago I began deer stalking, after being brought up with other fieldsports, namely trout and salmon fishing and other forms of game shooting. At this time I had a passion for using working dogs to retrieve the

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Seeking a Sika solution

Due to the dramatic rise in wild deer and boar, the Japanese government are seeking to revise the wildlife hunting laws to prevent widespread damage to agriculture and forestry.

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Venison for the masses: newly-funded supply chain in East of England

The Forestry Commission has established The Wild Venison Project to tackle growing deer population; harvests provide economic boost and tasty alternative.

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