Patience is a virtue

As an experienced fox controller, I’ve probably got every piece of kit that a foxer could ever want. During my time fox shooting, I’ve amassed so much equipment to help me in my chosen trade I often wonder how I ever managed to shoot foxes in the past.

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Tack Required

Tracking expert Thomas Müller lists the equipment needed for specialist blood hounds and their handlers when following up wounded game

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Illuminating Ideas

For the ever-increasing number of shooters who are out after the sun sets, there seems to be an equally mounting number of items to aid them in their quest.

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Introduction to Training Methods

Tracking hound expert Thomas Müller looks at the various methods of introducing your young hound to training proper, and the actual equipment involved

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Foxes aren’t what they used to be

Foxes are getting cleverer, says foxing expert Robert Bucknell – but so are fox shooters

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New grounds

Sporting agent Charly Green considers the increasing interest in Chinese water deer trophies from both hunters from overseas and those at home who want to complete
their British six

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Get in gear

Having learned from bitter experience, Andy Malcolm discusses his stalking treasures and bids the last goodbye to all those supposed ‘good buys’

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