Thermal imaging gets more accessible thanks to the FLIR Scout TK

SPONSORED: Compact and lightweight thermal imagers gives you a clear view regardless of light conditions

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Clearing up Charlie

As Robert Bucknell and auction winner Howard Stott grab their thermal imagers and head out for a night’s foxing, Robert explains that is in fact possible to clear up a troublesome fox population permanently

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FLIR Scout PS-Series

The FLIR Scout PS-Series is the smallest and most affordable thermal imaging camera in its class. Equipped with an uncooled, maintenance-free, microbolometer detector that delivers crisp thermal images in any day or night situation, the FLIR Scout PS- 32 produces thermal images of 320×240 pixels. For

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Thermal head-to-head

Simon Barr has a heated debate over two leading thermal imaging units currently on the market and available to night shooters

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