May management

Paul Childerley emphasises the virtue of selflessness as he makes the snap decision to turn down a trophy buck in favour of a cull candidate on a May stalk

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Driven to success

Paul Childerley reports from Germany where, as a guest of optics manufacturer Zeiss, he enjoyed two days’ driven hunting The highlight of my annual hunting calendar is attending the Zeiss Media Hunt in Laubach, Germany. Last December the event was

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Historical hunt

On German ground that has hosted Göring and Honecker as hunting guests in the past, Thomas Nissen experiences what a top-notch driven hunt is like today Germany is a country with great hunting traditions, most of which are probably familiar

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MPs to vote on fox hunting next week – but the ban will NOT be repealed

Prime minister David Cameron has announced plans to hold a free vote regarding the fox hunting ban in England next week. Cameron will not be offering a vote to repeal the ban completely, which was promised in the Conservative manifesto

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Hunt is sued for £200,000 by injured huntsman

A hunt is being sued for not telling a huntsman how to care for his hard hat which split when he fell from his horse causing brain injuries.

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BDS signs up 1,000-acre estate for DSC2

The British Deer Society has unveiled a new initiative to help DSC2 candidates complete the part of the examination that requires them to perform three culls

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CA chair speaks out on ‘sinister and nasty’ RSPCA

Countryside Alliance chairman Barney White Spunner, in a front-page newspaper interview, has criticised the RSPCA for its recent focus on litigation over animal welfare

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Boxing Day hunts 250,000 strong

Estimates indicate that more than a quarter of a million people attended the traditional hunts on Boxing Day 2013

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Fortuitous June

June may not be regarded as the best month for roebuck stalking, but editor Pete Carr says it’s still worth a punt as results can often be surprising

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In the line of sight

After considering the essentials of hunting driven game, Sporting Rifle’s Byron Pace recounts an exciting follow-up on a wounded boar

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