Nosler Model 48 Review

I first came across Nosler rifles by mistake. Browsing through a gun trading website for a new rifle, my search for a 7-08 Rem gave up half a dozen results. Of these only two tickled my fancy, and a Nosler Custom 48 was one of them.

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.26 Nosler

On paper it was very impressive, with the headline of “dead on to 415 yards”. That seemed like quite a claim – could it really be true?

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All in the name

It’s widely known for making superb bullets – now Byron Pace takes a look at Nosler’s rifles

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Federal firepower

Byron Pace puts the Nosler-topped Federal V-Shok .223 Remington ammunition to the test

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Custom choice

The Nosler Custom Model 48 promises custom quality in a lightweight rifle. Tim Pilbeam finds out whether this American rifle’s performance lives up to the billing

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