Protection mission

Chris Dalton doesn’t often stalk on summer evenings, but a pair of bucks with their eyes (and antlers) on his fruit trees has him breaking the habit and heading out with the rifle

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Stalking stories: How a dedicated vegetarian became a hunter

Chris Dalton relates a successful effort to get newcomers into deer stalking, with a client who started as a vegetarian now established as a stalker on her own ground

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SPONSORED: Beat the midges with Nomad’s anti-mosquito Quadrider

NomadUK’s Anti-Mosquito Quadrider makes mosquito attacks a thing of the past.

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Ask the experts: What’s the best scope for the Highlands?

I’m planning on heading to the Highlands this year for some stalking on more open ground. Do I need a new scope?

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Scottish estates are in demand

International buyers are snapping up Scottish sporting estates, according to reports from property consultancy Galbraith.

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Hinds, camera, action!

Chris Dalton and cameraman decamp to a central Scottish estate with the aim of getting a hind in the larder and the stalk on The Shooting Show

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Hinds in fading light

David Barrington Barnes recalls his most cherished memories from those time-pressed stalks on the hill for red hinds, and the lessons he has retained from them

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Scottish fox hunt ban back on the agenda

Alison Johnstone said she would bring forward a member’s bill calling for a total ban on fox hunting, including the use of dogs to flush foxes to be shot.

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Second chance sika

David Barrington-Barnes returns to Scotland two years after his initial ‘sika safari’ for another crack at stalking this spookiest of deer species

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Height of the action

Chris Dalton couldn’t resist the chance to get out with his camera on the picturesque Strone Estate while guiding a regular client on his first Scottish hill stalk

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