First-day fallow

Paul Childerley sets out on 1 August with the twin aims of controlling a group of errant fallow bucks and filling the freezer with meat for a barbecue

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Reaching New Heights

When foxing season arrives, it brings with it the realisation that I’ll be walking the beat again. I remember an occasion when my five colleagues and I met up early and set off without delay, knowing we had a tiring and full day in front of us.

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Head Start

Respected trophy measurer Dominic Griffiths looks forward to a new buck season, and defines the difference between typical and non-typical heads

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Opening Day

Editor Pete Carr looks back to last year and his first foray out after an ageing roebuck at the beginning of the season

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Early season wonders

Guiding a friend in the early part of the buck season, Byron Pace takes a look at how to select the right animals and when The early part of the roebuck season is something special. It not only marks a

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