Set up your rifle for success

Will O’Meara gives you the lowdown on how to fine-tune your rifle and scope to get the best out of them

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8 tips to make the most of winter foxing

Freezing temperatures and a covering of snow and ice can give man the upper hand over hungry, risk-taking predators. Here’s how to capitalise…

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Seasonal success

Mike Powell’s masterclass on how to make the most of the various foxing methods available in late summer and autumn

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Howard Heywood’s Top Ten Tips

Over the years, people have asked me countless questions on foxing. What’s the best kit for foxing, or the best calibre, or rifle scope combination, right down to what’s the best footwear. I suppose it is to be expected – the range of kit readily available to the discerning foxer is immense. A good rule of thumb is to take note of what experienced fox controllers are already using.

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Harvest Foxing Tips

Your first chance to get after the foxes during the harvest is when the combine starts into the oilseed rape or any winter barley. As the combine works across the field in ever narrowing strips, a fox can find itself marooned in a shrinking island of cover. Eventually it will have to make a run for it.

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Highland fling

Why head overseas when the excitement of the red deer stalk is right on your doorstep, says Andy Malcolm

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The waiting game

Successful fox hunting is a four-part equation, says foxing guru Robert Bucknell

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Missing in action

Hill keeper Andy Malcolm leaves the excuses aside and takes an in-depth look at the top 10 reasons for fluffing a shot

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