Top end .22

Lifelong Anschutz fanatic Mike Powell gets to grips with the 1710 model in .22LR

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Coney control

Tony Megson brings about the demise of a number of crop-raiding coneys and longs for the crops to be away so he can get at them properly

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Axis of accuracy

How well can a £600 rifle shoot? Rather well, as Tim Pilbeam finds when he tests Savage’s latest entry-level offering

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Yankee double

Tim Pilbeam tests a rifle and scope combo from across the Atlantic: the Marlin X7 in .243 and the Weaver Super Slam scope

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All-American combo

Rifle makers Savage and scope manufacturers Weaver have announced a new partnership to create a rifle and scope package.

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A varminter’s dream

Long-range varminting specialist Tim Pilbeam gets his hands on a rifle that’s tailored to his favoured discipline: the Remington 700 VSSF in .220 Swift

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Weaver Classic K6

Mark Stone tests one of the biggest names in American riflescopes

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