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How to complete your late roe doe season cull

The roe doe season finishes at the end of March for rifle hunters and gamekeepers, and the sooner you can get your cull done, the better. Here’s how to do it… Get to know your deer and plan carefully (Credit:

Operation Roe Doe

Pete Carr takes radical action to achieve his cull in the Angus Glens and explains which deer dogs are best for this type of work

Roe Doe Stalking: Underrated Sport

Byron Pace says that while roe doe stalking might not offer the trophies of its summer counterpart, it’s still a worthwhile enterprise with its own rewards

Winter work – the doe cull

The season for roe and fallow does is shorter than that for the bucks and is necessarily further shortened through days lost to bad weather and the pressures of game shooting.

The Shooting Show – Roe doe cull

Don’t miss the latest episode of the Shooting Show, as director Pete Carr finally has some decent weather to go out on the roe doe cull. There is plenty to go at but with all the crops and cover down,

Behind on your doe cull? Fox control emergency to deal with? Sporting Rifle’s March 2018 issue has it all covered!

The winter months roll on, and they bring no end of hard work for the rifleman. Well, we’re here to help you get it all done. Behind on your doe cull, or got some emergency fox control to take care of? Sporting Rifle’s March 2018 issue has it all covered.

The doe imperative

Editor-in-chief Pete Carr considers the selection and methods behind the doe cull and the importance of achieving the right ratio on one’s stalking ground

Doe selection

As the deer seasons change, we give you all the advice you need to get the doe cull kicked off successfully this November

Relentless March

Do you really need March to cull roe does? Dominic Griffith makes the case for leaving the roe be and switching focus to fallow does instead

Cull Planning

Respected stalker Mark Brackstone shares his methods of cull evaluation and his unique system of data recording when managing the roe in his area of Wiltshire

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