Ask the experts: Daylight foxing

Q Do you think it’s worth going out after foxes in the daytime in winter? I work nights so I’m limited to daytime shooting.

A Mike says: It certainly is! Food for foxes is generally in short supply during the winter, so often they can be found out and about during the day, especially on the odd occasions when the sun shines. Also on those gorgeous days if you search your area through binoculars it isn’t unusual to find foxes curled up in warm, sheltered spots taking advantage of the sun.

However, perhaps the best opportunities are offered during January and February when the mating season is at its height. Not only can you hear the odd fox calling but the constant ‘chasing’ that goes on during the night can carry over into the day as well.

So yes, it’s well worthwhile getting out there during winter days. You could well have some success.

Mike Powell, Professional gamekeeper and foxing expert

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