Ask the experts: Shooting at different ranges

Q Any tips for practising shooting at different ranges?

A Mark says: Setting out steel targets at different ranges from a regular shooting position will allow you to get used to wind conditions in the area you shoot and how these will affect your bullets. The great thing about steel targets is that they will last a lifetime and give you instant visual confirmation of a hit as well as an audible clang!

With a good high-mag scope you should also be able to see your impact point on the target. I like to pick natural objects to practice on such as a prominent piece of chalk on a hillside, range the target, and using my ballistic data, take the shot. This is a great way to learn to read the wind too.

Another favourite bit of practice is to peg down some balloons at various distances on my way out to my shooting position then shoot those. Be sure to collect up any bits of balloon afterwards to prevent livestock ingesting them.

Mark Ripley, YouTube star and extreme-range foxer

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