Ask the experts: Small rangefinder or binocular type?

Q I am thinking of getting a rangefinder for foxing. What’s your opinion of the range finding binocular option as opposed to the normal small rangefinder?

A Mike says: I think the binocular/rangefinder combination is really good, and in fact I have used one of these quite recently. However, as with most things involved with shooting it rather depends on what you are using it for. For general daytime use, clearly the binocular set-up is brilliant, and for deer stalking it’s ideal. The very slight downside is that you do really need two hands when using the binocular type, which means you have to let go of the rifle.

What about foxing? I was recently after a fox on rough ground and because it was rapidly going away from me, I had to keep ranging it. Fortunately, I was using my little Leica rangefinder, which meant I could keep the rifle on the sticks and use the rangefinder in the other hand. Had I been using the binocular option, I think it would have been difficult. But certainly for general viewing, the binocular/rangefinders are very good pieces of equipment.

Mike Powell Professional gamekeeper and foxing expert

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