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Dominic Griffith, head measurer of the joint BASC and Sporting Rifle trophy measuring service, reports on no fewer than 30 new heads

This month we have been overwhelmed by the interest shown in the new BASC/Sporting Rifle initiative. Not only have over 30 trophies been presented for measurement, but we have seen three outstanding roe trophies achieving the new platinum award.

The first was E Davies’s enormous old Gloucestershire buck of 2011 scoring 161.37 points. This was closely followed by Tim Lander’s client A Enggaard, who shot an extraordinary and massive specimen achieving 160.5. What was notable about this buck was the huge, unusual mass of the upper tines.

E Davies’s platinum roebuck won our Trophy of the Month award

Then came L Mulcock’s Wiltshire monster, shot in 2011 and achieving a score of 187.3, making it one of the top 15 or so bucks ever recorded in England. Meanwhile, W Ashman produced a box of great Wiltshire bucks, as well as photographic evidence of a Chinese water deer in Wiltshire. Finally, Sporting Rifle contributor Mark Brackstone brought in a platinum muntjac buck of 75.9.

It has been a difficult roe season to date – too cold in April and early May, then too hot towards the end of May. Most stalkers reported limited territorial activity, and with June upon us, it may be that the rut will be the most important period this season. In the August issue of Sporting Rifle we will introduce the new roe certificate and medal, and look forward to reporting another busy month around the counties.

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One comment on “BASC trophy measuring service
  1. Pip Earl says:

    Hi, I am a proud member of BASC and a subscriber to your mag. I am based in SW London. I’m passionate about roe stalking and am lucky enough to have a fair amount of ground in Somerset. I have never had my trophies measured and would like to get the main bulk of my better heads measured (I have always scored them myself …. hard not to be biased!!) Is there anyone who covers the London area (I can’t seem to find a list of qualified people … this may have a lot to do with my internet skills!)? What is the cost and are there ‘job lot’ discounts? And lastly … can one train up to be a trained member of the measuring service? Thanks very much and all best

    Pip Earl

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