Q&A: How far is too far in fox shooting?

What’s the maximum range you would shoot a fox at?

Mark Ripley says:
That’s a question with many answers. Or to put it another way, no answer, as it very much depends on several factors. The first is the calibre you are using – if you are using, say, a .22 rimfire then I would only head-shoot them out to perhaps 50 yards as I’m not really a fan of using rimfire on foxes. The .17 HMR, I would say, 100 yards is a sensible range although in the right conditions and if you know your rifle well enough they can be taken further with good shot placement. As far as using a centrefire goes this is really limited by a couple of other factors which are again the weather conditions and also your confidence in putting the round on target. Also again the calibre will play a part here too. If you are using,say, a 55-grain bullet from a .223 your range will not be as far as if you were using something like a .308 with a far heavier bullet. 

So really, to sum up, the range is down to your ability to make the shot in conditions your in and the capabilities of your rifle and calibre choice.

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