Roe rut report: David Virtue

photo01David Virtue, DV Sporting
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The rut was better this year for DV Sporting: bucks coming to the call on several days, and some nice bucks taken. A nice malform head was taken with a Spanish stalker, and two bronze medal heads, one with a kiwi, For his first ever roebuck he had shot a nice seven pointer.
We shot a dozen bucks over the rut period and missed another four, including a nice medal head, but that’s the way it goes! Crops were cut early this year a lot here in mid July, so it made spotting bucks and shooting a lot easier. The spring stalking was hampered by east winds and fog, and though we still managed to shoot a few nice bucks we had to cancel a couple of stalks.
We had a wide variety of stalkers in this year from all over, so it seems there is still plenty demand for it, both for quality heads and a lot of people were just trying stalking for first time, which was great for them to go out and get their first cull buck.
I’m looking forward to next year; there has been a huge crop of fawns this year and I have seen three sets of triplets already so they have done very well. A mild winter and plenty of feed has made sure there will be plenty roe about, so I will be looking to take more does and youngsters in the autumn cull this year.

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