Roe rut report: Mark Brackstone

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The warm, humid conditions gave near perfect conditions for calling and the rut this year. What was strange was that despite the conditions, the rut in my areas of mid-Wiltshire was later this year, with very little activity until the last days of July.

We had a German count and his right-hand man Jost – who has featured regularly in Sporting Rifle – as our clients for the peak of the rut. The count had a strange handmade call but it was absolutely amazing the amount of bucks he called. The pied piper of Hamlyn comes to mind.

We went to an area of stubble that appeared to be barren of deer and stood by a bale to call. Within 10 minutes we had one, then two, then three bucks around us, one of which was shootable. The count was about to shoot when a forth buck appeared which to, my amazement, was a peruke. The count opted to take the peruke which was not a classic wig head but a yearling peruke none the less. On examination it had only one poorly formed testicle.

My clients went on to take a number of medal head-bucks. Weights were average, but we had an unusually high number of non-typical bucks.
In summary, it has been one of the best ruts for many years.01_Mark Brackstone_photo01

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