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Time is running out to bid for a lot in our Save the Rhino auction, which has now raised nearly £8,000 for the uMkhuze reserve in KwaZulu-Natal

In 2010, the Sporting Rifle Save the Rhino auction raised more than £5,000 with a selection of lots that included hunts, kit, photography and more.

We’re happy to announce we’ve done even better this year – at the time of going to print, the total stands at £7,858 pledged to the uMkhuze reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The auction is still open, but the June issue of the magazine will be the last one in which we advertise the lots. After that, the auction will close and we will announce the winners. Don’t miss the two safaris on offer – one to the uMkhuze reserve itself, and the other a four-species safari with Mankazana Safaris. The price for the first is still at £1,000 – an incredibly low price for the package you get.

But if your financial sights are set a little lower, there are still some prizes available for under £100. And, of course, there are lots at every price in between those two – see the list opposite for all the details.

The fight against poaching becomes more difficult every year. In 2011, there were at least 443 black and white rhino killed across South Africa – a record number.

At Sporting Rifle, we’re doing what we can to protect one of Africa’s most spectacular and iconic species. Once again, we can only thank everyone who has donated to help make a difference.

Sporting Rifle’s amazing lots

1  A week’s safari for four people at the uMkhuze reserve in South Africa. Includes accommodation for five nights, company ranger’s elephant/rhino tagging and wild dog research (programme to be arranged, air fare and transport not included). Current bid: £1,600

2  A medal Chinese water deer buck in Bedfordshire with top stalker Paul Childerley. Must be taken this season – final bid date: 1 January. Closed at £453

3  A pair of Lynx boots from the top-end Harkila range of kit. For more details, visit Current bid: £150

4  Trophy roebuck with Sporting Rifle contributor John Robson in Yorkshire – to be taken next spring or autumn. Current bid: £500

5  Taxidermist Gary Knight has donated the preparation of a shoulder mount of either a roe, muntjac or Chinese water deer. Current bid: £200

6  Scottish red stag with Steve Sweeting minimum eight-pointer to be taken in 2012. Current bid: £576

7  Trophy roebuck stalk in East Yorkshire with Sporting Rifle editor Pete Carr – to be taken next spring or autumn. Current bid: £420

8  A pair of 7×35 binoculars from top rifle manufacturer Ceska Zbrojowka. For more details, visit Current bid: £70

9  One weekend of driven boar shooting in Germany to be taken in October or November 2012 with Sporting Rifle editor Pete Carr. Current bid: £1,150

10  A weekend fallow deer culling in Essex with Sporting Rifle contributor Geoff Garrod in February 2013. Current bid: £500

11  One trophy muntjac buck in Essex with Sporting Rifle contributor Geoff Garrod. Current bid: £300

12  A weekend’s foxing with top foxer Mark Nicholson to be taken post-harvest 2012 – FAC holders only with fox variation. Expectation 20-plus foxes. Current bid: £600

13  Wild boar in East Sussex with Sporting Rifle contributor Simon Barr. To be taken in November under the moon. One pig or two nights in a high seat. Current bid: £550

14  A tough-skinned Helmsley jacket donated by Alan Paine, as featured in recent issues of Sporting Rifle. For more details, visit Current bid: £115

15  Wild boar to be taken with Colin Lockerbie in Dumfriesshire. To be taken under the moon. One pig or two nights in a high seat to be taken before end of 2012. Current bid: £475

16  Be a Sporting Rifle cover star. See your face on the front cover of your favourite rifle shooting magazine. Current bid: £201

17  One day’s shooting with Tim Sumner of Shires Deer and Vermin Management Services for CWD or muntjac. Morning and afternoon, does or bucks (non-medals). To be taken 1 November 2012 to 30 March 2013. If you would like muntjac only, can do any time before November but best time is September. Current bid: £365

18  A day’s deer photography tuition with Sporting Rifle’s top photographer Brian Phipps in Somerset. Current bid: £150

19  Wildlife artist Teresa Davis has donated any one of her signed limited edition prints available from Current bid: £90

20  A week’s safari with Mankazana Safaris. Seven days’ full-board safari for one hunter plus companion, to include one springbok, one blesbok, one impala and one warthog. Includes airport collection and all travel throughout the safari, drinks and so on. Also includes a visit to a black rhino conservation project in the Eastern Cape. Current bid: £1,700

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