Alastair Cook: pro stalker

England one-day captain Alastair Cook has announced he is learning deer management through guide Alex Hinkins of Wings Hunting and Shooting.

Alastair, who enjoys shooting and working on his father-in-law’s farm when he’s not at the crease, said: “I am proud to be a member of the UK hunting community and I’m keen to learn the effects of deer management.

“Deer stalking is one of my personal releases from cricket and I love being in the outdoors. For me personally, it is about the stalk, not the shot.”

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3 comments on “Alastair Cook: pro stalker
  1. t thomas says:

    Why then is there a picture of you with a dead baby deer and you holding a bat over it relishing your kill? It doesn’t take much of a man to kill a small defenseless animal, whether it is with a gun or a bat. You, sir, should not be a captain of anything.

    • Steve says:

      Not a bat, a rifle. Nor a baby deer, but a species of Chinese deer that is rather small. If you’re gonna crucify the guy, at least take the time to look closer at the picture.

  2. Susan says:

    Anyone who can hurt an animal sickens me. To purposely set out to do it is so low. If it really is the stalk and not the shoot that you like, Alastair, how about taking up wildlife photography instead?! All the stalking but none of the killing. Don’t you care that animals form close bonds likes humans, and grieve similarly? How would you like your family picked off by killers? I’m ashamed to have you representing our country in cricket.

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