BASC bigger than ever

Membership of BASC, the UK’s largest shooting association, has hit new heights at the start of 2016. BASC’s ranks swelled by more than 4000 in 2015, the organisation reports, and now sits at a total of 144,500 – more than it’s ever been before.

On top of that, more and more women are joining up. BASC said 1,600 women joined its ranks last year, which means that the number of new female members has risen by a third over the last four years.

Alan Jarrett, chairman of BASC, said: “I am delighted to welcome all new members to the BASC family. The higher our membership, the greater our influence with those who make policy both in the UK and EU. Shooting faces many challenges in the year ahead and it is ever more clear that we are far stronger together.

“BASC’s elected council is committed to producing a membership package that not only does the job for shooting but delivers unique benefits for its members.”

BASC has also said that it is currently taking action to create a dedicated team that promotes the interests of women in shooting.

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