BASC to work with Law Commission on firearms review


The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has announced that it is planning to work with the Law Commission – the independent body that monitors the laws of England and Wales and recommends reforms where appropriate – on the future of firearms law.

The Law Commission issued a scoping consultation paper earlier this month, and is currently looking into the definition of lethality and antiques, what constitutes a component part of a firearm, the standard for deactivation and the case for fundamental reform of the law.

Before publishing the consultation, the Law Commission held discussions with BASC’s expert firearms team, among others.

Bill Harriman, director of firearms at BASC, said:

“BASC has played a central role in recommending improvements to firearms law. I welcome the opportunity to work with the Law Commission to ensure that the law is improved for the benefit of BASC members and the wider shooting community.”

Peter Glenser, BASC Council member and a barrister specialising in firearms law, said: “With more than thirty separate pieces of legislation it is not surprising that even the police can become confused when applying the law. Throughout the Law Commission’s enquiry BASC will be working for its members to ensure a good outcome for both public safety and shooting.”

Further information on the Law Commission’s work on firearms law as it proceeds will be published on the BASC website and in the association’s Shooting and Conservation magazine.

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