Buzzard-control license rejection creates NGO concern

Buteo_albicaudatus_-Mostardas,_Rio_Grande_do_Sul,_Brasil_-juvenile-801The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation have made a statement in response to Natural England’s decision to refuse an application for controlling a small number of buzzards.

A gamekeeper is suffering from financial issues due to the buzzards killing his pheasants. He later applied for a license to legally remove the buzzards, however, NGO claim the rejection of this application for a license was “disappointing” and unfair.

NGO have said “This self-employed gamekeeper is close to financial ruin as a result of buzzards continually killing his young peasants. Despite great efforts, he has been unable to reduce the predation by other means, so he quite correctly applied for a licence. NE’s refusal to grant him a legitimate solution to keeping his livelihood is both disappointing and concerning.”

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