CA chair speaks out on ‘sinister and nasty’ RSPCA


Countryside Alliance chairman Barney White Spunner, in a front-page newspaper interview, has criticised the RSPCA for its recent focus on litigation over animal welfare, and urged its members to stop donating to the charity.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said the “once great institution” had now become “sinister and nasty”, after a string of high-profile legal campaigns including a £326,000 prosecution against the Heythrop Hunt.

“It’s a sad story,” he said. “It’s got plenty of money but its membership has plummeted. A once great British institution has been turned from an animal welfare organisation to one concerned with animal rights.

“They have no statutory responsibility, yet when their inspectors turn up in uniform it’s as a private organisation. There is something rather sinister and nasty about it. Why should they, just because they are rich, tell us how to behave towards animals?”

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