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The Smith & Wesson Model 586 from Umarex is a CO2 revolver that shoots .177 pellets, and is worth £209.95.

It offers great handling and durability, and has the added bonus of being equipped with adjustable open sights – all in all, it’s a gun that looks like it has purpose.

Build quality is flawless. This all-metal revolver has a matt black finish with black anodised screws and black rubber grips. It’s very solid, and all the moving parts lock up securely. It even comes with a tool to remove the barrel so it can easily be cleaned with the enclosed nylon-bristled brush.

When you’re ready to fire, you can elect to shoot the 586 in either single or double-action mode. The trigger is very good for a handgun of this type. The curved blade has a smooth, flat surface and comes to a definite stop before breaking quite cleanly – especially if you’re thumbing back the hammer to shoot it single-action.

While many revolvers offer fixed open sights, the 586 is different, because it uses a target-style rear sight, utilising a slotted screw on the side to adjust windage, and another on top of the sight to adjust elevation.

The 586 is big, but it’s comfortable to hold, even when shot one-handed. The Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 is a beautifully made CO2 handgun that’s accurate enough for targets, not just for toppling tins.

Our thanks go out to John Rothery Wholesale (www.bisley-uk.com) for supplying us with this fabulous competition prize.

To have a chance of winning this handgun, all you need to do is answer the following question:

What ammunition does the 586 shoot?

a) BBs

b) Pellets

c) Both

Enter now at: http://bit.ly/agm121prize

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