FAC form updated

The firearms application form has slightly changed – and BASC says its for the good. From now on, the form asks applicants if they have ever been diagnosed or treated for a relevant medical condition. Previously they asked the more general question of if applicants have any prescribed illness.

BASC said this would remove ambiguity from the process – which is important when making false statements on the form is an offence. “The old wording was an anomaly which caused problems for licensing departments and for members,” a spokesperson said. “We have been pushing for improvements for many years. “While it won’t be obvious on the forms, there are also some legal changes in the background which we understand will bring closer the day when applications will be available online.

“If it simplifies and speeds up the application system, then it will be a welcome improvement.

“Many functions are dealt with online now and the public has come to expect this level of service.

“We will work with police and the Home Office to ensure that nobody is disadvantaged by the online process.”

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