Fashioning a heritage

BASC and Rivers West have collaborated to develop a collection of windproof and waterproof shooting clothes, including traditional shooting jackets, coats, waistcoats, breeks and flat caps. Five per cent of the trade price of each garment sold will go to BASC’s youth appeal.

BASC’s head of fundraising and sponsorship, Nick Glazebrook, said: “Rivers West’s award-winning innovative materials and products have gained a strong reputation among UK stalkers and wildfowlers for their toughness. We are sure that this new Heritage range will be a big success.”

Matthew Ryan, Rivers West’s executive vice president, said: “The Heritage Collection was inspired by the traditional UK shooter. Protecting the heritage of country shooting sports is a key goal of Rivers West and we are delighted to have formed this partnership with the UK’s premier shooting organisation, BASC.”

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