Final .50 cal ban attempt fails

The second sitting of the Lords report stage for the Offensive Weapons Bill appeared to put paid to plans to prohibit .50 calibre rifles for the final time.

Labour’s Home Affairs spokesperson, Lord Kennedy, tabled an amendment that would restore this ban to the Bill with the exact wording with which it was originally proposed.

He had done this during the Lords’ first reading and the amendment was not moved; this time, it was withdrawn.

In other news, The League Against Cruel Sports has tried to prove that interest in game shooting is low – but it’s ended up doing the opposite.

Its latest poll of country dwellers found that 5.3 per cent have been game shooting. As the Countryside Alliance pointed out, that means 600,00 people have tried it.

Participation levels were measured at 430,000 five years ago – so that means game shooting participation has increased by 40 per cent since then.

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