Firearms report finalised

The Law Commission has published its final report into firearms law, after a scoping review including consultations with firearms owners and shooting organisations. Recommendations include re-defining “lethal” as more than one joule of kinetic energy, defining “component part” and “antique” more clearly, and adding a new offence for intending to convert imitation firearms.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has welcomed the final report, with the director of firearms, Bill Harriman, saying: “Clarity on firearms legislation has been lacking for many years. Anything that helps draw legislation together has to be applauded. This is a serious and considered report, this is not knee-jerk.”

The Countryside Alliance also welcomed the report, calling it “measured” and thorough. However, the Alliance also recommends the addition of an extension of firearms certificates to 10 years.

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One comment on “Firearms report finalised
  1. Paul smith says:

    It don’t matter how much they review revise firearms law, they are still going to tell us what we can and can not have. We all read papers and watch the news with all these un informed ppl adding their two peneth.

    Yes we know the law on firearms needed to be up dated, but which ever way you look at it the law does not want ppl in this country having guns of any description, as a consequence as I have said we can only have what they say we can.

    We in this country have our own version of the right to bare arms rule, but this government and successive governments had done their level best to keep it quiet, a couple of nutters went of on a tangent with pistols, next thing we loose our legally heald pistols, some nutter goes of with an automatic rifle, we loose our rights to own semi auto rifles, apart from .22.

    I was in wagbi, I was in the basc, and was in countryside alliance, they do their best for us, in the day basc was more interested in its new building than fighting for the rights of gun owners in this country.

    We need a tougher gun community in this country so the owners of legally heald firearms tell the law what WE want not what they say we can have, all the laws that are imposed on legal firearms owners in our country only hurt us, they don’t stop criminals getting guns, they don’t stop criminals using those guns in crime.

    Some shoots someone in this country, we loose a right to that firearm, a drunk kills 6 ppl in his car, they don’t take the cars from other drunks.

    To finish my rant, I would just like to say this, to all families here that has lost family members through gun crime, my condolences go out to you and all your friends, but please remember one thing, not all car drivers are drunks, as not all gun owners are killers.

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