Fuelled by Hornady

Editor Peter Carr recently caught up with Jason Hornady, vice president of Hornady Manufacturing, at Norman Clark gunsmiths in Coventry and obtained an exclusive interview for the Shooting Show.

Hornady is the world’s biggest ammunition manufacturer and a major figure in the reloading equipment market in the United States. Renowned for its quality bullets and factory ammunition, it was founded by Joyce Hornady, whose philosophy “10 bullets through one hole” has continued right through from the first bullet made more than 60 years ago to the present.

The company has recently made a big push to market its reloading products into Europe, using Edgar Brothers as its key UK distributor. Pete Carr asks Jason Hornady about this initiative and his confidence in Hornady ammunition, reloading equipment and what’s happening behind closed doors back in Nebraska.

Watch the exclusive interview on the shooting broadcast in the 6 August episode of The Shooting Show at www.theshootingshow.tv.

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