Gamekeepers Welfare Trust launch gamekeepers helpline

2020 was billed as the Year of the Gamekeeper and although nobody could have predicted the arrival of Covid-19 and the impact it would have, the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust continue to provide much-needed support for gamekeepers.

Credit: Gamekeepers Welfare Trust

The knock-on effects of the virus are being felt far and wide and already we are seeing a huge impact on the gamekeeping community; redundancies and furloughing are real and worrying consequences for gamekeepers everywhere; for their jobs, homes and families.

The GWT are speaking to people who are not only living in fear of the virus but also for what their future holds beyond the next few months.

Helen Benson, CEO of the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust said: “We go far beyond a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We have to because the gamekeeping community is so varied. From the many staff on large shoots to the lone keeper running a small syndicate, there is massive variation in their situations.

“Therefore, we carefully consider the type of support we give. But one message we want to get out there at the moment, for those affected financially, for those on their own and worried about their enforced self-isolation, worried about food supplies, anything at all – please call us and we will help.”

The helpline is on 0300 1233 088.

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