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Any stalker needs a knife worthy of carrying in the field – and thanks to Napier’s latest invention, you never need let your favourite hunting blade go dull.

The Apex Edge is a honing oil made from highly refined vegetable and mineral oils, made to be used in conjunction with any dry sharpening system such as a steel.

“Most of the kits available supply some sort of honing oil, but these are generally petroleum distillate based, and are labelled poisonous,” explained the Napier team. “While not a problem for axes and chisels, this is a real dilemma for hunters, butchers, and chefs, as the knives they have just sharpened need to be protected, and will be in contact with food.

“Regular use of Apex Edge will ensure that beautiful knives are clean and remain untarnished, yet perfectly safe for all uses. It will prevent clogging of the stones and avoid excess cutting.

“Damascus blades in particular are prone to corrosion if not maintained; Apex Edge is quick, easy to apply, and effective.”

Priced at just £8.95, Apex Edge is available from Napier retailers worldwide – or visit

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