Good red deer results in Scotland

Scotland’s upland Deer Management Groups (DMGs) have been assessed for the third time in six years.

Representatives of the sector are confident that the review will show good progress and recognise its significant contribution to the environment. 

Richard Cooke, Chairman of the Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG), said: “The evidence from the review will, we believe, show that our sector is at the forefront of ecological and habitat regeneration, enhancing the landscape, and managing Scotland’s iconic deer herd sustainably – all a far cry from how, and too often, we are portrayed.”

Some 45 DMGs effectively cover the majority of the red deer range – almost half of Scotland’s land area – and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has now submitted its latest review report to ministers in Scotland. 

Mr Cooke added: “It is clear that land managers have embraced the need to look forward and are responding to fast changing national priorities.

“This is evidenced in the evolution and implementation of deer management plans that cover over three million hectares of the uplands and address a whole range of important factors.”

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