Hunt is sued for £200,000 by injured huntsman


Bailey is “lucky to still be alive” after the almost-fatal accident.












A hunt in Cornwall is being sued for £200,000 by a former first whip kennel huntsman after he fell from his horse whilst wearing an ill-fitting riding hat.

Edwin Bailey, 65 suffered from a “significant traumatic brain injury”after his fall and has been unable to ride since due to both short and long-term memory problems as well as balance problems. 

Bailey had been wearing a riding hat which was “a little tight” according to the the court papers after the peak broke on his own hat in 2007. He had been informed that the tight fit was not a problem and was not given any further advice on how to care for the hat, which was then 2 years old, causing it to split open on impact.

A friend of Mr Bailey said: ” Working with hounds was his life and now he cannot work because of the brain bleed. He said he is lucky he is still alive from the fall.”



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