ISSF premieres Target Sprint

20120616_RUn-Shoot_0011The International Shooting Sports Federation has rebranded the Run and Shoot event, launched last year, as the Target Sprint event.

Target Sprint, an event geared towards younger athletes and aiming to get all comers interested in the shooting sports, consists of three running and two shooting sections carried out alternately.

Athletes run one 600m lap, then have to shoot five 10m targets with an air rifle before moving on to the second running section. Another shooting stage and a final run complete the event.

ISSF president Vazquez Raña said: “We were looking for a new event that combines marksmanship and fitness, and can be staged outdoors, and is accessible to everybody.

“A pair of running shoes is all you need. Everything is designed to keep costs down for the athletes.

“The game is as easy as it looks. There are no complicated scoring systems – the first to cross the finish line is the winner.”

A Target Sprint grand prix, to take place in Germany, is being organised for May.

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