Lead shot legalised?

The current ban on lead shot in Norway could be repealed within the year.

The Norwegian Hunters Association (Jegernes Interesseorganisasjon (JI)) has announced that, as many political parties in Norway have pledged to overturn the ban, lead shot may (again) be legalised.

Prohibited since 2005, Norwegian hunters have criticised the lead shot ban on the grounds of both environmental and animal welfare. Research has shown that lead-alternatives  prolong animal suffering, and some hunters are concerned with potential adverse affects the substitute could have on the surrounding area.

Last year, the repeal was defeated by a majority in the Norwegian parliament, yet JI’s campaigns have won support from Norway’s Conservative Party, Progress Party, Christian Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party, which would form a majority this year.

Shooting organisations hope that the repeal will influence other countries considering the ban to reconsider.

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