NiteSite to go on tour

NITESITE HAS announced that it will be demonstrating its scope-mounted night vision systems at gun shops across the country in January.

The NS50 and NS200 models fit onto a day scope, using an infrared camera to transmit the sight picture to the screen that mounts on top of the scope. Any features the day scope has, such as magnification and illuminated reticle, are retained through the transmission.

A full list of confirmed demonstration dates and locations is included below. Demonstrations start at 6pm, and will include the chance to hold (and possibly shoot) a rifle with NiteSite attached. NiteSite sales representatives will also be present to answer questions.

NiteSite events:

4 January: Thetford Guns, Norfolk

5 January: MGR Guns, Lincolnshire

10 January: Whittlesey Gunshop, Cambridgeshire

11 January: Melbourne Tackle and Gun, Derbyshire

13 January: UK Custom Gunshop, Worcestershire

19 January: Ronnie Sunshines, Hertfordshire

20 January: Leech and Son, Essex

27 January: The Gun and Sport Shop, Devon

28 January: NiteSite HQ, Yorkshire

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