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081In another effort to turn the UK government and public against the badger cull, Queen guitarist Brian May has adopted a method he at least knows more about than he does wildlife: song writing.

Appropriating the help of Brian Blessed and Jonti Picking, who created the popular internet song and video ‘Badgers,’ Brian May intends to release a new version of the ‘Badgers’ song with the hope of convincing people that badger culling will not help the UK’s problems with bovine TB.

Meanwhile, demand for the badger cull to begin is reaching new heights as research shows that incidents of bovine TB are increasing.

Defra has revealed that its data shows 3,215 cows were slaughtered because of bovine TB in January 2013.

This is an increase of 25 per cent compared to in January 2012, and for many the pilot culls cannot come soon enough.

The case for culling, as opposed to vaccinating, badgers has been strengthened by data from Wales.

It has been implementing a badger vaccination programme for over a year and, though a more publicly accepted approach, has not seen a fall in bovine TB.

Defra results show that Wales experienced a much higher bovine TB incidence rate than before – and at £662 a jab, that’s a costly conclusion.

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