PM steps in on licence fees

Increases in shotgun and firearms licence fees may have been blocked thanks to an intervention from the prime minister himself.

Since last year an increase for licences and renewals to £92 from the current £50 has been tabled, with the fee rising in line with inflation after that.

But PM David Cameron and environment secretary Owen Paterson, according to the Sunday Times, have intervened to keep the fee at its current level.

The Association of Chief Police Officers last tried to push through a fee increase in September 2013, but the move was postponed.

At the time, BASC said: “BASC recognises that an increase in firearms licensing fees is due, but we believe any rise should be linked to better police efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the licensing service.

“Firearms licensing must do two things: protect public safety and ensure the continued lawful ownership and use of firearms.

“BASC believes lawful gun owners should pay a fair price for a fair service, but we know that the standard of service varies dramatically across different police forces.”

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