A closer look at the GRS Ragnarok

We’re taking a few minutes to get a better understanding of the GRS Ragarok, that was launched at IWA and is now available at all good retailers.

The GRS Ragnarok stock has the same rear stock as the Bifrost and is fitted with a new foldable hinge as standard. The Main body of the Ragnarok is made from 6063 hard anodized aluminium.

Its tactical fore-end enables mounting of Night vision/ thermal imaging equipment or top mounted bipods. The M Lok mounting system also enables accessories such as picatinny rails, sling studs, flush cups and so on.

GRS have all of these accessories available (sold separately) and their SpeedLock 2.0 system makes it easy to adjust the length of pull, cheek piece and height of the recoil pad, all with a touch of a button.

GRS Ragnarok is only available in Blaser R8, R8 Left hand, R93 and R93 Left hand rifles. The Ragnarok is made to fit the Blaser Professional rifles and you use the original magazines.

GRS Ragnarok is perfect for: the serious shooter who wants the ultimate rifle.


6063 Anodized Aluminium body

GRS Speedlock II adjustment system

Hinge included

LOP 37.5 – 40.5 cm

0.5 GRS Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad

Total length 885 mm

Fore end width 42 mm

Weight 2,036 grams

No bedding required

Flush cup sling mounts and sling loops included

Canting of recoil pad in 5° increments

Prepared for mounting Picatinny rails on the fore end

1 Picatinny rail on the rear stock included

Recommended torque settings 5.5 nm

For more info, just click here.

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