A load of rangers

Think rangefinders are all alike? Think again. There’s a huge amount of variety on the market, as this impressive selection shows

Leupold Marksman 1000

Part of the limited-edition Marksman range, the Leupold Marksman 1000 Rangefinder combines a lightweight, streamlined design with precision ranging performance.

6x magnification and fully multi-coated lensed make for a high-contrast image, boosting your chances of spotting quarry even when conditions get dull.

A simple-to-use and easy-to-read LED display gives you the information you need instantly. The Marksman 1000 Rangefinder gives uphill/downhill angle distances, line-of-sight distances, and even has a scan mode.

Price: £247


01423 780810 


Leica CRF 2800.COM

Leica’s latest rangefinder boasts integrated Bluetooth, allowing it to communicate with your smartphone with the Leica app installed.

That means you can input your personal ballistic settings on the app, then let the Leica ballistics program calculate your holdover, send it to the rangefinder which adjusts for temperature, air pressure and angle, and display up-to-date click values for your shot.

It’s a technological marvel and, as you’d expect from Leica, the optics are excellent too.

Price: £975


0207 629 1351 


Meopta MeoRange 10x42HD

Able to range distances from 10 metres out to 1,500 metres, the MeoRange binos are a high-tech unit that also give elevation readings with a clear angle of inclination, using the unit’s automatic-brightness display.

As for the optics themselves, these binos use HD fluorite lenses and MeoLux anti reflective and MeoDrop weather resistant lens coatings, to give excellent light-gathering capabilities in low light conditions and superb weather protection.

The MeoRange also includes a compass and thermometer as standard.

Price: £1,942.50


01423 780810 


Sig Sauer Kilo

An affordable ranging unit, the Kilo can nevertheless compete with the big boys, boasting capabilities out to 1,200 yards on a reflective target.

A scan mode allows you to follow moving quarry or pick out hidden animals among wide backgrounds, while the unit’s easy to use, controlled by just two buttons and a fast-focus eyepiece.

Pictured is the 850 model, but check out the full range on the Highland Outdoors website – it goes all the way up to the 2400 model with built-in ballistic calculator.

Price: £255.99

Highland Outdoors

0845 099 0252 


Hawke Hunter LRF 600

Lightweight and hunting-focused, this affordable rangefinder has found favour since its launch two years ago.

With 6x magnification, it’ll range out to 400 or 600 metres depending on model, with readings accurate to 1m and performed in three different modes, including ‘hunt mode’ which will bypass obstructions in the foreground such as long grass.

Other useful features include auto shut-off to save power, water and fog proofing, and two-year warranty.

Price: From £149.99


01394 387762  


MTC Rapier

Compact and weighing just 180g, this compact ranger packs a lot of functionality within its diminutive form, including Bluetooth module that allows connection to a smartphone with the MTC app.

So you can not only read off the target’s range from the unit LCD display, but also have your smartphone instantly calculate your scope’s point-of-aim adjustment in clicks, mils or MOA.

It’ll even tell you the desired aim-off through the included Bluetooth headpiece! With its set 6x mag, it gives clear viewing, while there’s a choice of three reticles and ranging ability from 5m to 1,200m with accuracy to within a metre.

Price: £249

MTC  08448 009929 


DD RF 1200 PRO

A new arrival, the RF 1200 PRO by DD Optics has an improved ergonomical design and greater technical capabilities than its predecessors.

With automatic brightness adjustment of the display, it allows for better legibility of data – even during the night. The RF 1200 PRO has six selectable modes (Normal, Targeting, Ballistics, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Height and Fog/Rain), and results can be displayed in metres or yards.

The weight is only slightly higher (155 grams) despite the new features and the size only minimally bigger than the RF 1200 mini. Comes with a bag and handheld strap with integrated battery compartment opener.

Price: £290

RUAG  01579 362319 


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