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Weather during a British summer can easily jump from scorching sunshine to torrential rain, and everything in between.  So that stalkers never have to worry about the quality of their optics, Zeiss put their products through intense testing to ensure reliability and consistency whatever the conditions.

Tested in the laboratory. Proven in nature.

Hunting optics are not a scientific instrument but tools which must function in every hunting scenario. If there is heavy rain when you are hunting, there is only one motto to go by: Persevere! The waterproofness of your optics should be the last thing on your mind.

However, it is not just environmental factors that play a role. Falling over with shoulder-mounted weapons in difficult terrain, the weapon rolling over on the stand or a bumpy journey in the luggage compartment – in these situations, the durability of your optic is paramount.

For this reason, the key is absolute reliability – even under the worst conditions. Thanks to the best materials and uncompromising production quality, ZEISS guarantees reliability and ruggedness which is respected by hunters all over the world.

ZEISS Real-life Hunting Optics

All ZEISS optics are extensively tested at the company’s own facility to ensure their endurance and suitability for everyday use.

These stringent testing procedures guarantee trouble-free performance in the harsh conditions of everyday hunting, allowing you to act with supreme confidence in your equipment in the decisive moment.

To learn more about the development and testing of the Zeiss hunting range

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