Predator perfection – best scopes for foxing

Even the score with the foxes with this score of products – 20 bits of foxing kit you really can’t be without. In our two part foxing scope series, here is part one.

Pulsar Thermion

A revolutionary product, the Thermion is a thermal imager that fits into a standard day-scope design, unlike the bulky thermal units we’ve been used to.

Across the five Thermion models in the range, you’ll find maximum detection ranges up to 2300m and magnifications up to 22x with 4x digital zoom, depending on the model.

All Thermions have a built-in video recorder, wifi-connectivity and ability to stream to a device, 10 electronic reticles and 16GB of internal memory.

Price: £2,979.95 – £4,539.95
Thomas Jacks
01789 264100

Wicked Lights A67iC Predator

Foxing technology just keeps on advancing, and lamps are no exception. The A67iC hunting torch from American brand Wicked Lights is centred on a rotatable 3-in-1 colour LED to allow you to select between red, white and green beams, with a super-high-power light throw to make foxes visible out to all ethical shooting ranges and beyond.

Designed in the US using precision machined T6 aircraft-grade aluminium, it also allows you to adjust power in a second.

Price: £249 (kit price)
Scott Country
01556 503587

ATN X Sight 4K PRO

The ATN X-Sight is a state-of-the-art digital day and night scope, and the new 4K Pro model has been almost totally revamped from its predecessors. The appearance is the first thing you’ll notice – it’s been slimmed down to more closely resemble traditional glass.

And the eye relief is now far closer to what you’d get on a daytime optic, at 90mm. Plus, the battery life has been extended. Gyroscope, accelerometer, rangefinder, ballistic calculator and video out all make this a super-advanced scope.

Prices: 3-14x £849, 5-20x £949
Highland Outdoors
0845 099 0252

FLIR Breach

Hugely popular since its arrival in the UK, the Breach is a military-looking unit but more than applicable for civilian foxing use. It’s built for the rigours of the outdoors, and weighs only 7.4 ounces (210 grams) – in fact it’s small enough to be concealed in a pocket.

Additional features include onboard video recording and seven colour palettes for fast detection of animals, day or night.

Price: £2,344

Clulite Trailblaser

A super-powered lamp from Clulite, the Trailblaser puts out 4500 lumens from a single 45-watt LED, capable of pushing light out to 1,000 metres – easily covering any night-shooting use and more besides.

Optimised for vehicle use, it’s fitted with a 12V plug, and can also be powered by battery pack for walk-and-stalk use. It’ll wring two hours of continuous use from a typical lithium ion battery.

Price: £90.50 (kit price £248)
Cluson 01730 264672

Nitesite Night Pearl

Spanning handheld units, dedicated scopes and even front-mounted add-ons (one of which is pictured here), the Night Pearl is a dedicated range of thermal imagers now brought into the UK by NiteSite.

For thermals, the price is refreshingly affordable, starting at £1,000 and ranging up to £3,800. We got a first look at The Game Fair, so stay tuned for more details on this new arrival.

Price: Various
01759 377235

Ruger American Predator

As its name suggests, this rifle is made specifically for predator control, and it comes in a number of fox-specific calibres including .22-250, .223 and .243. Its synthetic stock will take punishment while remaining lightweight, and in fact the rifle as a whole is easy to handle and manoeuvre into the different angles required for fox shooting.

A free-floating barrel – made slightly heavier for foxing use – makes for outstanding accuracy, and you get the legendary Ruger Marksman trigger in the package to boot.

Price: £778
01423 780810

Konuspy-8 NV

This versatile NV spotter from Konus features 6-24x magnification, with a field of vision of up to 200m, and can capture video and stills. Its rechargable 18650-type battery provides enough energy to run the unit for seven hours.

The Konuspy-8 is supplied with everything the user needs, including a double tripod attachment, strap, case, charger, adaptor, USB cable and 8GB SD card. Other features include a rubberised body and daylight vision filter.

Price: £279.95
Range Right
01423 881919

Night Master Trident

As its name suggests, the Trident lamp incorporates three switchable LEDs. Not only that, it’s also got a quiet switch, low-battery indicator, beam lock-out function (to prevent accidental activation), and active light indicator on the tail cap.

But what will excite many night hunters the most is the powerful amber LED, which replicates street lighting, making it less spooky to quarry and easier on the eye. Sporting Rifle’s Mike Powell is a fan – and you’ll surely be one too if you try one of these units out.

Price: £179.95
Night Master
01535 611688

Spypoint Force Dark

One of Spypoint’s new additions to its trail camera range, the Force Dark is a good choice for tracking vulpine movements without being detected, thanks to its 42 black LEDs that won’t be visible to wildlife when they fire.

With an 0.07s trigger speed, it’ll capture 12MP imagery before your quarry has fled, while a detection range of 33.5m maximises its chances of ‘spotting’ a fox. There’s also a high-resolution 1080p video recorder built in. The camera comes with a 16GB SD card and reader.

Price: £169.95
Thomas Jacks 
01789 264100

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