The essential stalking kit

Whether you’re in need a knife or short on sticks, here’s all the gear you need to stock up on ahead of this year’s rut.

Leupold BX-5 Santiam

A real top-end set of binos from Leupold, the BX-5s are designed to keep you glassing for longer – whether it’s as light drops at the end of the day, or simply reducing eye strain so you have to take fewer breaks.

More time glassing means more deer spotted and more in the larder, of course. The Twilight Max HD light management system keeps the sight picture sharp and bright, while all-day comfort reduces fatigue, headaches and dizziness. The whole package is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Price: From £1,497
Viking – 01423 780810

Zamberlan Pro Hunter GTX

A half-calf version of Hunter boot, the Hunter Pro is made to support you through challenging terrain and high undergrowth. With a wider-than-average fit, it’s made to be comfortable too. A Gore-Tex insulated lining keeps your feet dry, and it’s all supported by a double-density Vibram Darwin sole.

Price: £285
GMK – 01489 579999

Bog Havoc Sticks

Bog sticks are a new range to the UK – and possibly the highlight of the range is the Havoc, featuring lever leg locks, retractable metal foot spikes and the patented Switcheroo system, which allows for quick changes between optics accessories and the patented USR shooting yoke.

Available as a monopod, bipod or tripod, the sticks allow 360-degree panning and are adjustable in height between 22in and 68in.

Price: Tripod £153.99,
Bipod £114.99,
Monopod £76.99

Sportsman Gun Centre – 01392 354854


Think all rifle slings are the same? Check out the 3HGR and think again. It’s a super-versatile item that can adapt to the improvised shooting positions stalking often requires.

As well as allowing you to carry your rifle, it can wrap around use trees, poles, beams and other vertical objects, turning them into a shooting rest. Not only that, it’s built to distribute the weight of the rifle across both shoulders, making carrying it a lot more balanced and comfortable.

Price: From £36
Viking Arms – 01423 780810

Grampian Hooded Smock

Seen here in the Grampian Tweed pattern, Nomad’s time-proven hooded smock is functionally designed for stalking, made from a silent, stretchable, waterproof and breathable fabric.

It’s long-lasting, too – Nomad say they have re-taped some 15-year-old smocks that are still in perfect condition. You get all the practical accoutrements you need, too, including a full folding hood, an extended front zip, and pockets for binoculars, extra magazines, keys, and so on.

Price: £430 (Grampian/Argyll tweed), £340 (olive/khaki)
Nomad UK – 07736 255100

Kite Cervus

Built for the highest light transmission imaginable, these binos are among the largest in the Kite range, but that size gives you an awful lot of glassing power.

In 8×56 spec, these binos’ big lenses pick up every last drop of available light, boosted by an MHR advanced coating. So last-light stalks can continue until the very end. For their size, these Kite Cervus binos are refreshingly light too, and balance well in the hand. 

Price: £560 
Browning – 01235 514550

Sierra Tipped Game King Ammunition

Sierra have re-engineered their legendary MatchKing bullet into a hollow-point design for quick expansion and fitted it with a transparent green tip for ballistic uniformity.

Inside, the GameChanger bullet is constructed from a special lead alloy surrounded by a tough copper jacket that delivers excellent penetration and expansion at a variety of ranges. Available in trial boxes of 50 and full boxes of 100.

Price: From £24.49 (box 50),
£46.49 (box 100)

Highland Outdoors – 0845 099 0252

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